Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Sept.-21

September 21, 2008

Mind Reading should Begin from One’s Own Self.

It is no great art or acquisition to be able to read the mind of others. If your mind is in tune with that of the other person, you can read his mind; but this will be possible only if your mind is pure. There is a certain discipline, for achieving this. So long as this discipline is practised this power exists. When it stops the power is lost. One who uses such power commercially, need not necessarily be graced by God; and it is worthless if God’s grace is not there.
It is not essential to know each other’s language for knowing the mind. Suppose a beggar from a different region comes to your door-step and sings in his language. You cannot understand his song, but you certainly understand that he is begging. Similarly, one may understand the broad outline of the thoughts in the other person’s mind. It does not matter if the actual meaning of the words is not understood. If the listener comes with a keen interest, he automatically understands the essence of the speech. However, if the listener is not keen, then in spite of the clarity of the speaker, he does not really understand. Philosophical thought is eternal, never-changing. It has to be expounded in different languages according to the needs of place and time. Suppose we are travelling in a train. We remain on our seat but are moving with the train continuously. Similarly, if we stick to God, we shall reach our destination.
The lesson to learn from Rama’s life is that while in this human body, you should do your duty properly in respect of everyone. Stand before Rama and tell Him, ‘I am doing such and such a thing;’ and then do it. Remember God while doing the work. You will then feel contented. If you remember, ‘whatever I do is due to the grace of God,’ how can pride grow? Focus the searchlight inwardly on yourself. Find out where you have gone wrong. Don’t learn logic and become merely argumentative. Do not scrutinize the sayings of saints, for they are based on their personal experience. Their advice is in very straight-forward language. People start their scrutiny from the question, whether God exists or not; they get confused; and ultimately their progress is thwarted. Scrutiny must be done accepting God as a fact.
* * * * *