Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Sept 28

Pride Dissolves with Awareness of God

He is a true mystic who performs his duties in a householder’s life without pride and attachment. The life of the householder will be happy if pride is discarded. Never insist, ‘What I say shall be done.’ A building with pride as its foundation is bound to be shaky. Pride is related to the body and subjects connected with it. Pride should be uprooted by eliminating the ‘body-am-I’ idea. Logically, we accept the body not to be ours, but constant association develops love for it. Once love is developed, pride follows. Closely behind, avarice, anger, etc. are bound to arrive. Pride implies doership. Why can’t we work in practical life without pride?
Our mind and body are closely related. But the body being perishable, is not that important. A strong, fat body alone is of no use; our mind must be trained. Once it consciously accepts the concept ‘I belong to God,’ it is possible to become prideless. Try always to remain in devotion to God; pride dare not touch you. Earnestly pray God with tears in eyes, surrender to Him; then God will definitely shower His grace on you. We should know our limitations. As long as we feel that a certain thing should be done in a particular way, we must make all possible effort for it; however, we must leave its fruit to the will of God and remain contented in whatever happens.
Our mind should be kept pure, taintless. When we go to bed we should honestly, frankly introspect, ‘Do I envy or hate anybody?’. If the answer is in the affirmative we must remove the feeling, even by force if necessary; even a small trace will be an obstacle in the spiritual progress. We should be able to say firmly, ‘I do not envy anybody.’ Our mind should be so pure and straight that we should not allow even the idea that someone envies us. Why will it not be possible for us to merge with God by constant awareness ‘I belong to God, not to this body’? He alone is really enlightened, who is filled, in and out, with God or His knowledge. He alone is a true sadhaka maintaining true awareness, and really liberated, whose mind is pervaded by God’s remembrance, just as consciousness pervades the entire body.

* * * * *

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