Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Oct.3.

October 3, 2008
An Egoist will not Attain God

Can man attain to God with the exercise of his own intellect? Truly speaking, one who claims to have known God or the Cosmic Reality is really nowhere near his goal; for, one never knows when he has found the Ultimate Reality. To find It one has to become It; and the moment one so unites with It, he ceases to have a separate identity. Conversely, one who has a feeling of his individual identity can never attain to God. It is our ego that stands athwart our realization of God; it stands as a thin but opaque blind between us and God. Draw it away and you become one with Him.
If your business fails to thrive, you come and complain to me that the business started on my advice, does not prosper; but you conveniently avoid confessing that I had alongside exhorted you to do nama-smarana which you are not doing! Will nama-smarana affect or obstruct the business? You may allege that I am advising you to do something that may upset the pattern of your material and family life. On the contrary, it will make for a smoother working if you follow my advice and take to nama-smarana. Do go about your material and family life but without worrying. After all, Rama cannot be deterred from doing what He plans to; what can anxiety do to further your prospect? What cannot be cured must be endured. So why not bear it with cheer? If adversities come, leave them to the care of the Lord. If there is anything that we want to solicit, pray for cheer in the circumstances which it pleases Him to keep you in; and ask not for relief or change. Then alone can we truly live as His slave or puppet.
In this world there are only two causes that really disturb a man’s peace of mind: the befalling of what one does not desire, and the failure to bring about what one desires for. Neither of these is in our hands; why, then, should we make ourselves miserable in either case? This is easy to achieve once you experience the sweetness of nama.
Nama destroys the pride of individuality, and precludes the desire to have or not to have. You should continuously chant this nama advocated by saints and thereby acquire durable contentment.

* * * * *