Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan.Oct 15

October 15, 2008
Humility is the Gateway to God

Nama-smarana should be completely without pride, in utter submission to God. One has to be specially cautious in this regard, because it is most likely that a seeker may well develop a self-righteous pride of sadhana, rendering sadhana fruitless. When going to a saint, we should completely vacate the mind of all thoughts except that of God and love for Him. On the other hand, we carry with us loving ideas about prapancha, and self-righteous pride; the saint’s guidance then becomes blurred and illegible, like over-writing.
We think of ways to obtain a thing only after first feeling that we want it. Similarly, we should first feel the need for God. Then we look for ways to attain Him. This calls for mental effort; for instance, the effort to suppress anger calls for more courage and control on the mind than giving vent to it. But the resultant bliss makes it all worthwhile. We should be very cautious in our behaviour and talk, to avoid the undesirable.
Utter surrender needs neither money nor learning; we only need to give up pride. God can be easily attained by one with a spirit of humility. One who thinks nothing of oneself, even if his real worth is high, will find it easier to attain God. What is wanted is a determined mind. We should have open dealings, open-hearted talk, and think or do nothing that we would be ashamed for God to see. Our whole behaviour should tend to generate increasing desire to seek God, to yearn for Him. For this to come about, we should always keep the mind immersed in nama. We may be worldly to all appearances, though in the heart of hearts we should belong to God. This attitude to life will help very much in spiritual pursuit.
A person enticed by pleasures and convenience of the body is evidently oblivious of God. But one who vigilantly maintains constant awareness of the presence of God has no regard for worldly greatness. Hankering after money and popular applause leads one away from God. We must not fall into their snare. In worldly life we cannot help coming in contact with them. One who yearns for the love of God should realize their strength and weakness and employ them with proper regard to them, so as to escape their pitfalls. You can attain Rama only by surrendering to Him completely.
* * * * *