Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Oct.22.

October 22, 2008
-Namasmarana, Morality, Love of God at Heart

One who has nama on his lips certainly has Rama in his heart; I look on him as Rama Himself. Life is definitely incomplete until we enrich it with God. Let us not be slaves of prapancha, but let us live as its masters. How can a slave ever be contented? Pleasure is given by others, but contentment is a state of one’s own mind; it is not dependent on others. It cannot be given by one to another, nor can it be derived from another person or thing or circumstance. It can only exist where desire is absent; one who lives for God can alone be free from desire.
I never ask you to quit worldly life, because I am convinced, that is not the way to attain spiritual progress and God. One can do with it as well as without it. What is essential is an attitude of contentment. Keep nama constantly on the lips, observe strict morality in your behaviour with others, and bear love of God at heart. Love will be able to achieve what no other means can. Bear love for God similar to what you bear for your parents, or your children.
Let alone Jnyaneshwar, for he is in a class by himself, being a very repository of the highest knowledge; in fact, he was God incarnate; but what erudition did Saint Tukaram have, except intense love? That was so strong that it still induces lakhs of people to go to Pandharpur to have darshan of Vithoba. Learn to love God with corresponding intensity. Let the conduct of the entire household be such that everyone learns to love God. See that mutual talk is always, soft and sweet like butter. This will be easy, natural, if everyone is genuinely selfless. Even rebukes will be couched in sweet words. Financially the house may be modest, but it will be replete with contentment and happiness. True, selfless love for God will be the mutual bond. Such love will never ask for anything. When a thief asks for success in a theft attempt, he is doing nothing worse than a man asking for something for his prapancha, for neither is asking for pure love for God. Remember, there is no sin greater than forgetting God. So let us always remain in nama, simultaneously discharging our duties conscientiously.

* * * * *