Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Oct.27

Ascribe Doership to God and Anxiety will Vanish

Our doership is only partial, only slight, only nominal. Real doership rests fully with God. So the resultant pleasure or pain should not affect us; it may, if at all, affect God! We should therefore carry the conviction that it is God who does everything, we are only His instrument. We, however, assume doership; at the commencement of a job, we are beset with anxiety; during the execution of the job, we feel anxious because of diffidence about the outcome; and we feel disappointment at the final result. So throughout life, the man who is afflicted with anxiety never gets happiness and contentment. Anxiety is like white ants; its depredation is unnoticed, and becomes apparent only from the ruin wrought by it. Similarly, anxiety in an unnoticed way eats into faith, but only when faith is thoroughly undermined do we come to realize it.
If anxiety is to be thrown overboard, today is the auspicious day, and this moment the most auspicious! It’s now or never. In the Mahabharata war, Lord Shrikrishna became Arjuna’s charioteer and guided his position in battle, and Arjuna only discharged arrows towards the target. In short, Arjuna handed over the reins to God, and worked as little more than an arrow-flinging machine. Let us similarly become a machine in the hands of God, for He is the prime mover. Let us deliver ourselves to Him, trust in Him, and live chanting nama.
Let us give all doership to God, to whom it truly belongs; thereby we can get free from all anxiety, and live always in joy and happiness. In everything that happens, maintain the feeling and the awareness that it is God who is doing it, and therefore must be in our ultimate interest. What do we lose, and what is the difficulty, in maintaining this feeling? In practical life we should not spare effort, put in the maximum. But have an innermost conviction that its success or failure is in the hands of God, and is in our ultimate interest. With such conviction, where is the cause for anxiety of any kind? And once we get rid of anxiety, what remains is our natural heritage, the natural state, of bliss. This joy does not have to be obtained from anywhere, it is only overshadowed by anxiety. The sadhaka should unshackle himself from anxiety, and what remains is sheer freedom, sheer joy.
* * * * *

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