Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Oct.29

A Faultless Person is Acceptable to God

We feel that primarily we are for and our principal source of happiness is, prapancha. We look expectantly, imploringly, to the world and to prapancha for happiness. Unless we disabuse our mind of this delusion and, instead, pledge our fealty to God, we shall not experience true contentment. This feeling can only come if there is a burning desire to attain to God. Such a burning desire can come only to a faultless person. The first step towards such faultlessness is the elimination of the desire to represent ourselves to the world in a favourable light. We should always have a pure heart, feeling ashamed that the world respects us more highly than we deserve. Our conduct should at all times be above suspicion. Never resort to hypocrisy. God will certainly accept us as his if we have a heart devoid of impurity or pollution of any kind.
Once we come to belong to God, what cause do we have to bear any anxiety? How contradictory, therefore, is on the one hand, our claim, that we are theists, that is, we consider God as all in all, and, on the other, entertain anxiety about anything whatever ! In order really to be free from anxiety, we must whole-heartedly feel that our money and all things that we call ours, belong, in reality, to Rama’s will. We must genuinely believe that our prapancha is run by Him and as He desires, and resolve that we shall ever live in contentment in whatever circumstances He chooses to place us. Do not bother about vairagya, abandonment, etc. All that you will be putting into effect if you only live contented with prevailing circumstances. Make effort to abandon whatever causes God to be out of sight. Whatever puts God in your mind is vivek. Do your duty conscientiously in practical life, but do not let yourself get entangled with it by attachment. Living the practical life is not a sin; to become attached, however, is. Observe religion as far as you can; take care of morals as of your life; and retain nama till the last breath.
So many of you people come to Gondavale; but I feel constrained that, with all the expense and effort and inconvenience that you undertake, you carry back nothing worthwhile. Take with you love for nama; chant nama purely for its own sake; seek nothing in return. Rama will undoubtedly reward you.
* * * * *

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