Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Oct.30

October 30, 2008
Faith in Rama Rewards us with True Contentment

Attend carefully to worldly duties, banking inwardly on Rama’s support. A bad thought is equivalent to the company of the vile. Obstacles and difficulties will flee away if you adhere whole-heartedly to Rama. Take care to preserve nama in your heart despite worldly conditions, pleasant or otherwise. Keeping the heart at peace, let the body face its trials and tribulations. Have firm faith in Rama, everything will ultimately be to the good. Believe in earnest that Rama will stand by you. To obey the sadguru implicitly is the best of all sadhanas. Implicit trust in the word of the sadguru imparts dauntlessness.
Human life has a brief duration; see that it does not go to waste. He is blessed by Rama who holds nama dear to his heart. He who chants nama and bears Rama ever in his heart, can be sure of attaining the Supreme Reality. Destiny will run its pre-charted course, while the mind unnecessarily suffers pleasure or pain. Resolve that you will not let the course of events in your prapancha affect the equilibrium of your mind; this will assuredly make you happy in life. Dejection arises because one forgets sadhana. Attachment to carnal pleasures automatically drops off if you have devotion for Rama.
Place full trust in God, and whatever He does, believe it to be in your ultimate interest. Also, remember the Lord’s promise that whoever recalls His name at his last breath shall be united with Him.
The saints all aver that the only means to get free of all feeling of misery is to give up all attachment. So, do your duty by all means, but with a mind free from all egoism. Think always of Rama, never about yourself. Circumstances never remain steady, so never feel sorry, only be always aware of Rama. Hold your tongue, fill your heart with love for Rama, always be aware of His abiding presence: this is sadhana.
He who keeps implicit faith in Rama may rest assured of perfect contentment. Let this faith guide your steps in all your worldly activities. To believe that Rama alone is your true support, is all the sadhana you need to do. Keep your conduct morally unimpeachable, and purify your mind. Keep your mouth occupied with chanting nama. God will assuredly grant His grace to one who follows his God, his sadguru and sadhana single-mindedly.
* * * * *