Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan- Nov.2

November 2, 2008
We Should Have Attachment for God Alone

We should never run down any religion. Rites and procedures are prescribed by every religion, because they are essential.
We go for a dip in the local stream, saying that we are going to the Ganga for a bath. Where is the sense in bathing in the river Ganga unless we purge the mind of all evil, unholy, polluted thoughts? The restrictions prescribed by the shastras aim at preventing the restrictive effect of all actions. For instance, the practice of offering of some money before the idol in a temple is a tacit prayer that the offerer’s mind be purged of covetousness.
No man can stay perfectly still, inactive. If one were sentenced to cessation of all movement, it would be the severest of punishments. If one must do something or other, why not better do what is proper? Anything done with pride of doership causes binding, militates against liberation. What, after all, does our religion ask us to do, but that everyone should discharge his duty conscientiously? What, again, does this duty seek to achieve? Briefly but essentially, God.
What will really conduce to a happy mankind? That everyone should perform his duty, with full faith in God. The so-called progress and industrial advancement has basically brought more sense pleasures within the means of more people. This has only made man more dependent on more things. And dependence never makes for happiness. The present-day education is really not knowledge, but ignorance masquerading as learning. Real education must either bring true contentment or assure adequate income. Present education does neither. Even a scholar has to apply and beg for a job.
Fresh air, good water, proper shelter and clothing, adequate food, are the basic necessities of life. Adequate effort for these must be made. Of other things, some are a matter of personal choice, some others give social prestige. A person who can afford them may acquire and ‘enjoy’ them. One should not feel dependent on them or mentally attached to them. Truly happy is he who has neither friend nor foe. One who depends on nothing, nobody, and who is hindered by nothing, is a truly liberated person.

* * * * *