Sri Maharaja’s Pravachan-Nov.8

November 8, 2008
Nama Ends all Worry

That there is misery in life and in the world cannot be denied. Of the total misery, only about a quarter arises due to wars, famines, burglaries, penury, and other external factors. The other three quarters arise from ourselves, our responses. We are made up of three main constituents: the body, the mind, and God the activator. Of these, God, being the home and source of bliss, simply cannot cause misery and pain. It is the nature of the body to wane and eventually to wear out; it follows this course, and the process and its side-effects should be accepted as natural, inevitable. Being merely material, it is incapable of producing pleasure or pain. The third constituent, the mind, naturally clings to one thing or another and contracts its properties and qualities. A devout person’s mind is steadfastly fixed on God, and therefore cannot be touched by any ‘non-blissful’ feeling. On the other hand, a worldly person’s mind is glued to worldly things, and thus he often experiences the feeling of disappointment, despair, defeat, and misery, on the whole.
A feeling of ‘non-identity’ with God is inevitably accompanied by one of complete identity with the body, like the obverse and reverse of a coin. The body is insignificantly small, very short-lived; our conviction that this body is all I am, leads to a feeling of duality; this, in turn, leads to an ever-haunting, consuming fear. Man, who is equipped with the faculty of enjoying lasting divine bliss, thus surrenders himself to misery born of worry, the child of fear. God created the universe out of His idea, which includes the outline of the whole series of occurrences. This plan unfolds itself as the wheel of time turns and the different incidents take shape. Every incident, therefore, has God as the prompter, the architect. We get confused when we lose sight of His plan, His doership; and fear is the consequence.
It is a fact that God is my protector, because the entire creation is His doing, and born of Himself. We shall be able to see, to experience, this fact for ourselves when our heart becomes permeated by nama. Nama is identical with God, and it therefore dissolves all care for the mundane, including this frail, transient body. So leave the reins of everything concerning the body in the able hands of God, and lead a life free of all care and worry.
* * * * *