Sri Maharaja’s Pravachan-Nov.9

Hurting Somebody’s Heart is Violence

We find that variety is a trait of all creation, including man and animals. God, however, singly animates all of them. Animals which are inimical to each other yet survive side by side. Man and tiger inhabit the earth, each fearing the other and therefore desisting from wantonly attacking each other. To do something contrary to the legitimate interest of another amounts to himsa, or a breach of reverence to a creature of God; but, to resist or cast off something that militates against attainment of God should be considered ahimsa, that is, no such breach, and is hence not prohibited. To hurt another’s mind for self-aggrandizement is himsa, a sin. Quite frequently we find ourselves unable to execute our own desire; it is therefore unfair to expect others to conform to what we have in mind.
It is a common practice with our women to observe a vow or rule during the four sacred months of the rainy season. Some of them serve no purpose beyond practice of curbing the mind. I suggest observing the vow not to hurt anyone’s mind or feelings; do it for the four sacred months, then extend it to a year, and finally to your whole life. This will teach you control over what you utter and how you behave with others. Theoretically we admit that God is present in everything at all times, but forget all about it in actual practice; how can this be justified? The only remedy is to dedicate yourself to nama, the symbolical reminder of God. To regiment speech so as not to hurt anyone, is penance for the tongue.
By all means do everything that is proper in practice. Things do get done according to His plan; where our efforts conduce to it, we get the satisfaction that we have lent a hand. To expect that all that I desire should come about, amounts to expecting that His plans should be modified to suit my wishes. This is evidently not possible, and therefore I stand devoid of beatitude.
I therefore say, “Have firm faith in Rama. If I have done what duty demanded, and have never forsaken moral principles, come what may, I shall not fret but face it with courage, and the conviction that I have not failed in my duty; a person with this attitude in life can alone be happy and contented.”

* * * * *

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