Sri Maharaja’s Pravachan-Nov.10.

November 10, 2008

With Rama beside us; Why Misery or Worry?

I cannot control what I call ‘mine’. Experience shows clearly that I cannot guarantee anything about my own self, my own body; and yet I grieve over separation from someone else when he dies. A thoughtful person should ponder logically over the issue; what can we, mere mortals, do when Rama decides to do a certain thing in a certain way? We should therefore control our grief with consideration, and keep ourselves and others contented with the situation one finds. ‘To dedicate everything to Rama’ should be genuine, not merely a verbose swagger. The sign of genuineness of dedication is acceptance of whatever comes, without wail or demur, worry or yearning.
Everyone, if he recalls his experience, will have to admit that God grants His protection everywhere, always. So place full faith in Rama. Rama is not propitiated by mere acts of physical strain, such as fasting, but by devotion. Proximity is achieved by living a devout worshipper’s life. In such proximity, how can one at all feel worry or misery? How can darkness exist after sunrise? So, listen to my advice: Rama will remove from your minds and take upon himself all the burden of anxiety, and give you peace of mind.
Pray to God thus: “O Lord, bodily pain distracts attention from You; now, I place my body at Your service and disposal; please see to it that Your name is never out of my mind.” God is very compassionate, and will not fail to do what is in your interest. Take courage in the faith that I am with you and will back you up in the hour of need. Remember God with steadfastness; thereby He will shower mercy on you. Rama, the champion of the meek, is aware of everything. Do whatever is demanded by the occasion, never forgetting God the while. Do nama-smarana free of all worry: God will bless you and grant you contentment.
Recollection of the happy or sad times of the past, and worry about the events anticipated, these are major contributors to misery. Thus, selfishness, that is the feeling of ‘I and mine,’ is the basic cause of anxiety. It is our sense of attachment that leads to pleasure, pain, worry, and grief. It is the nature of this duality to make the mind fickle. To treat the world and ourselves as permanent is the root cause of grief and pain.
* * * * *