Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan-Nov.19

November 19, 2008
Ask Wisely of God

We cannot describe God in words, because He is without form, beyond attributes, nameless. He is, therefore, as one may conceive Him, as one may think of Him. He can, if it pleases Him, grant you anything you may ask for, but it will, of course, entail its complementary unpleasant consequence. So think carefully before you ask for anything.
A traveller walking along a road got tired, and squatted under a tree to rest himself. It happened to be the fabulous wish-granting tree, though he was unaware of it. He casually thought, ‘How nice it would be if I got a glass of water to drink !’ He found water by his side. After a while, he thought that he could do with something to eat. And he found food at hand. Soon after, finding himself drowsy, he felt like resting, and found a cosy bed all ready for him. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if my wife and children were here to participate in this luxury !’ he felt; and lo! there they appeared, all pleased and happy. And the thought arose in his mind, ‘With the cup of happiness so perfectly full, one would wish life to end at such a supreme moment.’ And the man dropped down, dead.
This shows that with a worldly outlook, one wish leads to another in an unending series; desire is never satiated. So ask wisely.
A king once felt keenly inclined to do something for a beggar; the latter, going to the extreme of his imagination, made bold to ask for a warm blanket! That emphasizes the importance of wisdom in asking when the donor is munificent and has unlimited means. So, ask of God the gift of His devotion, which alone can bring contentment.
God has reincarnated Himself time and again, but only to aid really staunch devotees. However, these incarnations also benefit others by inspiring devotion among them. We should surrender ourselves to Him in complete humility. God then has to shoulder all responsibility for us, and we are disburdened of all anxiety. Rama extended His kindness to Bharata, as a brother; His compassion to Vibheeshana as a refugee; and His mercy even to Ravana as an opponent; He deserted none. This Rama we can make our own by no simpler means than nama- smarana.

* * * * *