Sri Maharaj’s Pravachan -Nov.20

Rama Alone is the Ultimate Reality

‘Who am I? Whence have I come?’ The answer is: You are the birthless, ever-existing Cosmic Spirit. Know that this Spirit has no death, is completely indestructible. When it assumes physical form, as a body, it activates that body; but it is not the doer, that is, does not have a particular object or intention in view. It passes all imagination in respect of form, attributes, etc., and is subject to neither birth, death, nor change. It is immanent in everything, but is beyond, or over and above everything that is tangible. All saints, all scriptures, unanimously declare that Rama, or God, is the Ultimate Reality. Even a tree-leaf, the slightest thing, moves only if and as He orders or wills. A thousand, million, salutes to that fundamental, Ultimate Reality. Shree Rama is my appellation for it; It surpasses all paragons of beauty and virtue, transcends all pleasure and pain. There is nothing more desirable. Transitory sense-pleasures mislead one to death and pain; when this conviction dawns on one, takes root, only then he shall be able to overcome their lure.
There is no need to make outward changes, only give your heart to Rama. His grace should not be gauged by children, wealth, and other material belongings that people desire. Never let dejection or despondency enter the mind; pin your hope and trust in Rama and Rama alone. Rama is verily the Ultimate Reality. We sought the support of Rama before our birth, but later gave it up in the flush of the feeling of ego and proprietorship. I should never forget that my sole saviour is Rama the Creator, the Protector, and the Destroyer of the cosmos. The omnipresent Rama cannot be but with me, too: He occupies the universe, there is not a single point devoid of Him. Everything is dependant on His will. Whatever happens is at His command.
Wisdom, intelligence, the feeling of identity with the body, desire, imagination, are all manifestations of maya. Maya is ancient, as old as creation. Uncountable are those that have suffered from that supreme, fundamental illusion. The main illusion is the feeling of identity with the body; it is the prime illusion, the original sin. It is extremely powerful, and the greatest obstruction standing between us and God.
* * * * *

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