Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Nov.29

Awake in Proper Time and Take the Right Path

Every action begins with an object, that is, a desire. Life itself similarly begins with desire. The rise of the Ganga is in a pure driblet; similarly, although we owe birth to polluted desire, the remoter, original source, the Ultimate Reality, is perfectly pure. At early age the mother teaches the child to pray, ‘May my motives be pure and selfless, O God!’ Later, this pure, innocent child becomes polluted with venal and selfish desires. Just as the later polluted water of the Ganga can be clarified by using alum, the polluted mind of a grown-up man can be purified by planting in it the feeling that Rama is the doer. This feeling makes the dissolved and suspended ego settle down as a sediment, and clarifies mental outlook. It doesn’t help much to quieten the mind with the thought that the present suffering is the consequence of some previous action, because we still continue to pile up actions, and as it were, provide reason for the next life. If we sincerely desire to avoid rebirth, we must suitably conduct ourselves in the present life, by destroying all desire.
It is a completely mistaken notion that people who possess wealth, power, and a plethora of ‘pleasurable’ things are happy. Actually, these things are but a burden unless based on sound faith in God. The apparent pleasure of some people in worldly matters is like swelling over the body mistaken to be a healthy plumpness. Therefore, really speaking, worldly life is unhappy for everyone.
With increasing age, a man’s business in the world expands, calls for increasing attention, and detracts the mind farther from God. Desire multiplies instead of diminishing, and forms the basis for a subsequent birth. It is therefore necessary to wake up early and devise a way out. Actually, this way is very easy and straightforward, and has been clearly pointed out by the saints time and again. Start walking along that path; God is eagerly waiting to help you further. It is upto you to show some interest, some determination, some eagerness; you can trust God to do the rest for you.
You admit verbally that you are convinced, but do not put it into practice; nor do you tell what is unconvincing; what can be done in this situation? I would repeat, wake up in time, and follow the right path.
* * * * *

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