Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Nov.30

Maintain Unbroken Awareness of God

The holiest of holies, the purest of the pure, is the incessant awareness of God. Those who have planted such awareness in their heart are really blessed. That effort is truly faultless which is made with such uniform awareness. Such awareness will gradually mitigate all ego. For practical purposes you may have to say ‘I’ and ‘mine’, but in your heart of hearts God should be the only occupant. Have a daily ‘darshan’ of Maruti; His grace will help maintain constant awareness of God, as a miser has of money. A person gone on an errand constantly maintains awareness of returning time, so should one remain in this world, ever mindful of God, one’s true home. This awareness should be maintained, above all the vicissitudes of life. Never hurt anyone’s heart, while going by the way of the world. For one’s own part, one should take both regard and disregard in one’s stride. Ceaseless awareness of Rama will help you maintain the tendency towards good moral behaviour.
Surrender to Rama in the implicit faith that Rama is your sole relative, friend, philosopher, and guide, your everything. Listen to this dictum, that you should dedicate yourself to Rama, body and soul. Make God your all in all, for He is the very embodiment of compassion. Such single-minded dedication becomes easy if one forsakes all doership. Belong henceforth to Rama, leave all your anxiety to Him; for, if you throw yourself on someone’s mercy, your care automatically becomes his. Be in perfect peace in the trust that He understands your interest better than you yourself do. Dedication to Him is the correct means to overcome desire for worldly pleasures. Even after doing our utmost, we have still achieved no peace, no contentment; so let us take recourse to Raghupati, for He alone can remove our misery, our discontent. So henceforth, let us take Rama as our Lord, and think of none else.
Dedicate yourself, including your ego, to Rama. Go ahead with this conviction at heart that He is your very last resort. Whatever you have done so far, dedicate everything to Him. Whatever happens is done by God in our own interest; so the situation He gives should be accepted without demur. That worldly man is blessed who dedicates himself and his ego to Rama.
* * * * *

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