Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.6

Detachment and Surrender

Suppose a person has a dagger. He replaces the original wooden handle by a steel one, or, may be, a silver or gold one; does it change the lethal nature of the weapon? Similarly, one’s worldly position, good, bad or indifferent, is bound to be harmful to his spiritual interest; it is, like the sharp edge of the dagger, none the less harmful. The attachment one generally feels is the harmful part. So, carryon efficiently with your family life, service, or business, with unfailing duty, but never for a moment feel that it is for them that your life is meant. If you never lose sight of the fact that they are given to you for performance of duty, not for giving you permanent bliss, you will entertain neither pride of proprietorship, nor attachment for them. One should conduct oneself with practical caution, always remember God, and recite nama, and leave the rest to prarabdha. This alone can yield contentment in life. Blessed indeed is he who, at the last parting, says, “Here am I, quitting the world with perfect contentment.” To attain this contentment, one should go through life with the staunch feeling that Rama is the real doer, that everything is happening according to His plan. Never spare effort, but leave the result to His will and remain contented with what happens.
God can be attained only by unreserved surrender. The main obstruction is the ‘I and mine’ feeling; this feeling can be countered only by nama; I therefore exhort you to take to nama. To have love for nama a pure heart is essential; pure means free of hatred, jealousy, pride, and such other pollutants. Love one another, beginning with the home. Love your son as a duty, not merely because he is congenial in his behaviour with you. To give love selflessly is paramartha. For that, one has to have constant awareness that Rama is the donor, the supporter. This awareness can be created and maintained only by repeating nama; this is the only way to achieve peace of mind.
Never cringe before others. You may roll in princely luxury, only take care to feel that you are happy not because of it, but because you belong to Rama. Never trust in material affluence; it may be yours today and leave you tomorrow. Rama is your staunch supporter. Live singing nama and be happy.
* * * * *

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