Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.9

December 9, 2008
Avoid Egoistic Pride and Slander

A close look shows that what pampers the ‘body-am-I’ sense is our pride. If this pride kills or overpowers virtue, what is the sense in entertaining it? The wise therefore abandon pride, whereas the ignorant pamper it. No enemy is more dreadful than pride. One should search deep for this indwelling foe and take steps to oust it. Mere virtuous actions do not drive it out; they may, on the contrary, nourish it like giving milk to a snake, which turns it into venom. This, of course, does not mean that we should cease doing virtuous acts; we should certainly do good acts, but take care that no pride arises from them. Never feel that you are the doer. Pride comes with the birth of man and attends persistently till his death. It should therefore be carefully banished from the heart, with the help of nama.
Our heart has the turbidity of slanderousness, like a well having brackish water. Suppose we pump out this water and deepen the well, it is quite likely that we may tap a vein of sweet, potable water. So, too, if we abandon egoistic pride, stop the love of slander, and introspect deeply to find God, we are more than likely to strike the spring of His love which will flood the heart. The water drawn up from a well is the same as that in the well itself; similarly, whatever lurks in the heart finds expression in the speech. One who takes pleasure in slandering others must have a slanderous nature at heart; the heart cannot be clean and generous. Some people slander others to stave off possibility of blame; there are others who are evil-natured, and must always see faults in others.
One who seeks to walk in the way of God should bear in mind that the faults one sees in others must be existing in his own heart in a latent form. To talk of other’s faults signifies a mean mind. Therefore he should never slander others, nor be proud of his strength, skill, or good quality. Never do or behave as you would not like others to do. You must not take more than essential interest in prapancha, but carry God always in your innermost attention. Thereby you will find all undesirable qualities purged from the heart, and taste lasting peace of mind.

* * * * *