Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.10

Be Always Contented in Rama’s Will

To lead worldly life in perfect contentment indicates highest knowledge. Contentment and happiness rule where God manages everything. Living contentedly as Rama keeps you is the only way to happiness. For one who utterly surrenders to Rama, contentment is bound to come. The heart that is contented will be brimful with love for God. Dissatisfaction is a foregone conclusion if a man gives his allegiance to anyone but God. Aim to attain the Ultimate, Unconditioned God, nothing less than that. If your mind gets diverted from the goal, to that extent the attainment of God will be deferred. The repeated utterance of nama, the attainment of God, is a result of great religious merit. Be sure to maintain contentedness, in the faith that Shriram is omnipresent. One who genuinely believes that Rama is the prince of donors will never have to face destitution.
Rama always showers grace on His disciple. In His infinite grace He pardons all errors and misconduct; we, on our part, should take care not to repeat them. ‘If a person dies remembering Me, I undertake to absolve him’; this is the assurance the Lord Himself reiterates in the Bhagavadgeeta, and therefore its veracity should be beyond question.
No one has seen or even heard of a person who is happy without God. He alone becomes God’s man who has shed all ego. Win the affection of God, the Master of all creation. God, who has sustained the universe, will of course continue to do so; only, we have to maintain constant awareness of Him.
Once you go in utter surrender to God, who controls even time, all risk in life vanishes. The heart that harbours God and God alone, cares not for opulence and power. God resides with him who is devoid of a sense of self and selfishness; this is a universal, abiding principle. If you entertain the conviction that Rama is the sole, ultimate doer, where is the cause for any feeling of lack or deficiency?
Rama will be pleased if you do your duty selflessly. Ask for His help where you find human effort inadequate.

* * * * *

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