Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.18

December 18, 2008
If Worrying is a Must, Better do so About Nama

It is a matter of common experience that what we today consider unpleasant often turns out to be wholesome eventually, and vice versa. Now if you think of everything as something willed by God, nothing would be unpleasant or unwelcome. Things will appear agreeable or otherwise so long as we do not become fully dedicated to God. Terror strikes us when we feel devoid of adequate support; therefore, live in the conviction that everything happens as Rama wills. Those who profess to be dedicated to Shree Samartha or Rama should never feel daunted by adverse conditions, for they are backed by the highest and most dependable support. There is really no fright but it is created by our own imagination.
The oscillations of pleasure and pain affect one only so long as there is a sense of doership. So ascribe doership to Rama, apply the body to duty, and keep the mind stable and at peace. We should pray to God, “Lord, let circumstances not affect my mind,” rather than, “Please change the circumstances to please my mind.”
Anxiety has permeated our very blood, and cannot be eradicated by external applications. What is required is an intravenous injection in the form of constant awareness of God. Anxiety is an accumulation of all things that cause forgetting of God. It is a fatal disease. A tumour in the stomach may grow to a large size and render impossible all intake of food; similarly, anxiety may become an ineradicable habit barring entry to all sense of gladness.
This ‘anxiety’ is a result of the ‘body-am-I’ delusion, and the consequent sense of desire. Repeated chanting of nama annihilates both, the desire and the ‘body-am-I’ feeling. A situation of happiness may suddenly be metamorphosed; it is this possibility that causes fear and anxiety. Anxiety is as much a killer as nama is a saviour; and yet we do not want to overthrow anxiety. Is this not curious?
Time spent in anxiety is time wasted harmfully. If you cannot help worrying, let the worry be on how to take more pleasure in nama, how to maintain awareness of God. Take care of nama, and forget all anxiety.

* * * * *