Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.30

December 30, 2008
The Essence of all Prayers

Get up early from bed, and think of God; freshen up, and sit down and perform manasa-pooja, mental worship, with the prescribed sixteen items. As part of it, offer an anointing with sandalwood paste, flowers, and food, and partake of the remnant of the food as His gift. Lastly, pray thus.
“Rama, I approach You in the utmost humility. Whatever I call mine, I surrender to you. Now please see that my mind relinquishes all attachment, all sense of possession. Let me have no more desire, except for copious love for nama-smarana. Grant me enduring contentment. You alone can do so. Let Your grace enable me to observe the moral code of conduct. I now live only for You. I dedicate my body, my all to You. Do as You like with me, and keep me contented therewith. May I never forget You. Let me not think of asking for anything but a burning passion for Your name. I approach You humbly and pray that I may never be unaware of Your presence. I desire not for proficiency in literature, nor science, nor the arts, nor even divine knowledge. Have pity on me and save me from being consumed by the passions. Treat me as You please, but I will never budge from Your feet; O Rama, I give up all pride and thought of doership, divest me of all idea of ownership; all that I call mine is no longer mine, it is given over to You. Now so please, may You be the only thought in my mind. If You forsake me, where else shall I go? To whom shall I look for support? The “body-am-I” feeling is persecuting me, deliver me from its throes. I have so far given myself up to sense-pleasures, and fallen in their snares. O Rama, You are all powerful, so grant me what I plead for: complete contentment. Pray be constantly in my heart, for I live for You alone; I lay my mind and body at Your disposal. In Your mercy, grant that I forget myself in contemplating You.”
Pray to Rama thus, and He will immediately hasten to meet you. Have single-minded faith in nama. With firm faith, go ahead with nama-smarana, even if today the mind feels unwilling to do it.

* * * * *