Sri Brahmachaithanya pravachan -jan.8

January 8, 2009
Constant Association will Create Love for Nama

When her child falls ill, the mother becomes anxious, and loses even appetite and sleep. In short, she becomes totally restless. Do we feel similar restlessness at even a small impediment in the chanting of nama? It is necessary to chant nama with the firm conviction that it is our natural and prime duty, that to live without it is like being dead, that our supreme interest lies in chanting nama, nay, that we are born solely to chant nama and ultimately to become one with it. If this is done, love for nama will inevitably come. That we do not develop love for nama only indicates that we do not chant it with the requisite conviction and zeal. The sole remedy for this is to chant it resolutely and with perseverance, in whatever manner one can. Such practice of nama alone will gradually lead us to the goal. He who waits for more favourable circumstances to chant nama will never begin at all.
Nama may be chanted aloud; or mutely, operating the lips and the, tongue but without voicing; or again, altogether silently, mentally. Living in nama purifies the heart; and in a pure heart springs love for God. It is essential to chant nama with love which is born of judicious thinking and conviction, rather than merely in profusion by rote. Love for nama is, as a matter of fact, inherent in it. Just as butter in milk or curds is not visible but rises to the surface on churning, so also love for God becomes perceptible on chanting nama. Even ordinary words affect the mind and evoke feelings; then, will not chanting of nama evoke love for God? So, to begin with, try to spend all your “spare” time in chanting nama.
We feel attachment even for’ a house in which we have lived for a long time. Love for nama will be similarly evoked by constant association with it. Maintain awareness of Him as you sit or act, talk or walk.
An addict to a narcotic needs progressively larger doses to get a “kick” out of it. We should similarly become “addicted” to nama. Every worthwhile thing calls for considerable effort to achieve it; but there is no means comparable to nama for achieving so much for so little and with such ease. So keep your mind ever attached to nama.

* * * * *