Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Jan.10

Nama alone can Make Life Happy

The sole purpose of human life is to acquire love for the Lord. Kali, the age of vice and strife, is in full swing, depriving man of a sense of duty and morality. Rama is our sole support in this age rife with licentiousness and rampancy. There is no sense in being wary after the house has been burgled, so be cautious right now and be in constant remembrance of God. There can be no unhappiness for one who lives in submission to the will of the Lord. He alone truly serves Rama who completely surrenders his self to Him. When one annihilates all separate identities of oneself, then alone one realizes the Brahman that pervades everything animate and inanimate.
We should adore Raghupati who has endowed us with invaluable human life, protected us so far, and is our Master. We have been born as humans; we can only justify this blessing by holding that to belong to Rama is the sole goal of life. Blessed indeed, is he who thinks that there is no protector but Rama.
Worldly life and spiritual life are not separate from and hostile to each other; rather, they are the obverse and the reverse of a coin. Neither of them can be happy without Rama. Keep your heart and behaviour free from taint, and constantly think of Him: this alone can make life happy.
Put your trust in Rama; this, indeed, is the stock in trade for a spiritual life, which, in essence, consists in remembering Rama in every worldly activity. Let the mind always feel that your interest rests with Rama. Always treat Him as the doer, and believe that whatever He does must be for your good. Be correct in your actions, with full faith in Rama. Always keep an awareness of Him; this is the royal road in spiritual life. The body may be employed in doing worldly duties, but the mind should be ever riveted to Rama. It is for us to strive, and for Rama to give or not to give.
In worldly life work with due care and caution, and never lose courage, with faith that Rama is your sheet anchor. A housemaid may be at work but her heart is with her infant at home; so may you do your worldly duty but keep your mind fixed on Rama.

* * * * *

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