Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Jan.12

Nama and the Supreme Being

It is futile to ask how one could reach Rama merely by chanting His name. On the other hand, one may argue that it is not possible to reach Rama unless one chants His name. Such also is one’s experience in ordinary life. Imagine that one goes to a railway station and describes the place he-wishes to go to, but cannot name the place; can he buy a ticket for the place? On the other hand, if one does not know anything about that place but knows only its name, then one may buy a ticket for that place. This means, it is of no use knowing the place but not remembering its name. Thus, if one does many other things but does not chant nama, then the efforts will not bear fruit; it is, therefore, essential to chant nama. One may rest assured that one will reach the Supreme Being through chanting of nama.
There is a twofold necessity for the name of the Supreme Being; firstly, for understanding the nature of worldly life, and secondly, for reaching the Supreme Being. We cannot understand why a man is worried and restless even if he is wellfed, has a family, and is also provided with a house and such other worldly things, which means, we do not understand where unhappiness originates. To understand that, one needs to chant the name of the Supreme Being. Nama is a necessity until one sincerely yearns to reach the Supreme Being; thereafter, one must chant nama because one has none to depend on but the Supreme Being and finally one attains the Supreme Being, nama continues by itself, through habit. Thus, it is the name of the Supreme Being that endures from the beginning to the end. A spontaneous desire for the knowledge of the Supreme Being will arise in one who chants nama and maintains an awareness of the Supreme Being. Chant nama for its own sake, and you will realize that it contains Rama, the essence. While chanting nama, one should rest assured that what happens is good, and for one’s welfare.
The name of the Supreme Being is the Ultimate Reality, satchidanand in nature. He who forgets himself in chanting the name of the Supreme Being is called jeevanmukta. This is the goal to be reached. All else is like a dream, experienced but non-existent.

* * * * *

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