Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan -Jan.14

January 14, 2009
Nothing can Hinder Practice of Nama

What would create love for nama — persistent performance of good deeds, or repeating nama itself with deliberation, as exhorted by the saints, or even with some coercion on our mind? Suppose we want to start a machine which has many interlinked wheels. We shall probably not succeed if we try moving one of the wheels. But supposing we know the controlling switch, the machine will start no sooner we turn that switch on. Similarly, if the main switch, namely, nama-smarana, is operated, the wheels of a series of good actions will start operating smoothly. So one who wants to achieve the purpose should somehow or other begin practising nama. Once you make up your mind to do it, you will find that nothing can obstruct you. We notice in worldly life that if one is determined to do a certain thing one will do it without waiting for its justification. Then why should the resolve to devote yourself to nama not succeed? And since one can, after all, not realise the Supreme Being without nama, why delay or postpone making a start with it? Therefore, the best thing is to set aside all doubts and queries and persistently practise nama, so we shall have no occasion to repent the delay and waste of time.
This world is full of allurements. When we see or even only hear about such things we feel tempted and start efforts to obtain them. So we should pray to God to keep us ignorant of them and avoid the risk of being tempted. We should beg that we see, hear, think, of only what is good for us, and be happy therein.
What did true devotees such as Prahlad and Draupadi ask God for? We should also pray for the same, have the same faith that they maintained. Let us try to inculcate similar non-attachment for worldly pleasures. If we commit some mistakes we should repent and say, “O Lord, I am a great sinner, but I rely on Thee to pardon me and make me fit for Thy grace”. If the repentance is genuine, Rama will not disappoint you, will certainly grant His grace. Employ the mouth to repeat nama, let the body do its worldly duties, and fill the heart with contentment. The mind of the person who repeats nama, gradually loses interest in worldly things.

* * * * *