Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Jan.19

Nama and the Influence of Destiny

Many ask about the mutual effect of nama and destiny. This question assumes importance because the common man believes that the pleasure of the body is his pleasure, and its pain is his pain; and expects that chanting the nama will help him circumvent destiny. On the other hand, it has been asserted that destiny can never be circumvented. What is the fact in the matter and what can be done about it?
Here one should bear in mind that the scope of the fruition of past actions is limited to the body. Consequently, to the extent to which the body-consciousness is diminished, one ceases to be affected by the pain or pleasure of the body. Nama reduces body-consciousness. Therefore, a person who lives in nama is happy even while suffering the effects of destiny; in the joyfulness of nama he thinks nothing of them. Nama, indeed, is so potent that it purges all sins of the past, and saves the depraved and the perverted. Nama is the crown of prayer, worship, and service.
The practice of nama takes us close to the ever-blissful Divine Being, and makes us fit for His grace; indeed, one begins to take His nama only when He confers His grace. Nama is the only sadhana which can be practised by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and irrespective of the condition one may be in. Nama is itself free of encumbrance or conditioning, and so it is the most effective sadhana to establish a relationship with the Lord, who is free of all conditioning. To be in unbroken remembrance of nama is true liberation; it is the devotion of the liberated; it is the mark of a saint. Do not disregard this exhortation. I urge you: never forget nama; be contented in the situation in which God chooses to place you, without weariness or disgust for whatever comes to your lot; and once again, never, never forget nama. Nama purifies the sinful and makes them righteous, for reduction of body-consciousness is real merit, and that can be achieved by nama. Leave the body to bear the buffeting of fate, keep mentally aloof from it, and be happy in whatever happens. Contentment will come to you if you accept your lot as God’s will, rather than as the doing of destiny.

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