Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan -Jan.22

January 22, 2009
Nama: Means to Fathom Ocean of Worldly Life

Nama is self-existent, and therefore free of all encumbrance and conditioning. It is we ourselves who often impose these on it for happiness, or there may be an egoistical feeling behind it. This often puts hindrance in our progress. So take care to repeat nama(Divine name) purely for its own sake, and with an awareness that it is the sadguru who is getting it done. This will avoid the rise of egoism, and create single-hearted self surrender. Indeed, chanting the nama is the simplest and surest way to achieve self-surrender, so let us resort to it. It is really impossible adequately to express the greatness and the prowess of nama.
Man bobs up and down pitifully, helplessly, in the surge and swell of the ocean of worldly life. Nama is like a boat to cross this ocean of worldliness. One precaution is necessary, namely, that we ensure that water does not enter the boat and make it sink; that is, we should not allow difficulties of worldly life to prevent us from remembering nama, nor should we seek to make use of nama for getting over such difficulties. Then we can reach God.
No one can say when the body may fall, so nama-smarana(chanting of Divine-name) should not be postponed to old age; one cannot be sure of even tomorrow. One takes out a life-insurance just because one is unsure of life. Let us dedicate ourselves, body and all, at the feet of Rama, and become free from all anxiety; let us conduct ourselves in life like a guest at a ceremonial function:detached, unconcerned about its difficulties, successes, and failures.
To reach God, nama is a means which is common to all alike, irrespective of their status. Nama automatically annihilates all defects and drawbacks. We can gauge our progress in spirituality from the degree to which we become certain of the existence or the doership of God.
To be contented with the situation in which Rama chooses to keep you, is a true sign of devotion. The nama given to you by the sadguru can purify the whole world; be sure that Rama will shower His grace on you. The conditions of and around the body are ever-changing. We have to take due care of these conditions, but without forgetting God.

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