Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan – jan.29

January 29, 2009
Cultivate Firm Faith in Nama

Love for nama is a product of continuous repetition of nama and of a determined effort to diminish love for sense-objects and sensuous pleasures. We should have firm faith that it is only nama that will secure final liberation. We may obtain medicine through a servant, but the cure is attributed to the doctor, not to the servant. Why not go a step further and attribute it to God’s grace?
True surrender to God means a firm faith that He and none else is really ours; that it is He, not we, that is the doer; and that everything He does is for our interest. A man loves his wife and children because he considers them to be his; if, then, we call God our own, will not love for Him be automatically generated? To create personal relationship with God there must be long association with His nama.
Further, when we hold the conviction that God is our dearest friend and benefactor and is doing everything solely in our interest, where is the cause for any anxiety at all? Our interest really lies in a studied effort for the annihilation of the consciousness of the body.
Do not go after occult powers and miracles; they are actually obstacles in the spiritual journey. For instance, someone may acquire immunity from snake poison; but what is there in this to marvel at? If one could see in a serpent and in every other creature an image of oneself, of God, who can be considered an enemy? Just as a child lives fearlessly in the assurance that the mother is about, similarly we, too, should move in the world free of fear, in the trust that God is about us.
At a railway station, our main concern is with the train for the place we want to go to. Pursue the spiritual path similarly. Do not engage in futile discussions like the number of the basic elements that make up the universe. Such discussions are inconclusive, and only give rise to doubts. Nama, on the other hand, will not stabilize in the heart unless the mind is free from all doubt. We do not realise the true greatness of nama until we shed all consciousness of the body. So, if you are keen on your spiritual uplift, never abandon practice of nama.

* * * * *