Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan -Jan.30

January 30, 2009
God and Nama Exist Together

Listen to me; you devout people. Keep company with me, and chant nama at all times. One who always repeats nama is truly ever in my company. Where there is Rama-nama there assuredly do I reside. Bearing this in mind, you may lead a happy, carefree worldly life. He lives virtually in my vision in nama. Constantly to yearn for Rama is truly to live in association with me. Nama is verily my life, so hold it always in your heart. Whosoever desires to be mine should ever keep uttering nama. Who grants me this, to him I dedicate myself. I reside where there is nama, or with whosoever feels pleasure only in nama. I exhort you to remain in meditation of nama to the utmost of your capacity. My home is where nama is; of this you may always be sure.
I have not studied the Vedas, nor do I have knowledge of the Shastras, nor am I acquainted with the Shrutis, the Smritis, and the Upanishads. Such an ignoramus am I; and yet, I enjoy a state of uninterrupted contentment, thanks to my firm faith in devotion and dedication to Rama.
Believe me when I say that I am by you, and take courage. Practise nama-smarana, read the Dasabodha, and see me in them. If you do this, Rama will surely bestow His grace on you. Rama and I are both to be found everywhere, but in a subtle, intangible form, not in a visible form. Never think that I am not by your side. I have never “gone” anywhere, I am everywhere, all-pervading. It is upto you to realise me. I cannot exist without Rama. I am assuredly where there is love of Rama.
Strive earnestly to associate with me; for that, you do not have to go anywhere, I am there right in your home. Look for me in Lord Rama. Live in nama and live in bliss. Maintain contentment, for it is like my very life. Whatever I sought to do, was fulfilled, thanks to the grace of Rama.
We will have accomplished the very purpose of life as a human, if we acquire fondness for nama and get absorbed in the bliss that nama is. This we can achieve if we direct to nama the loving attachment which today we bear for mundane life.

* * * * *