Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan- Feb.18

February 18, 2009
Repeat Nama With a Pure Heart

God is the creator as well as the protector of everything and everybody. He is also the destroyer; and yet He is called just and loving. This is evidently because He is selfless. That means that love arises from selflessness. In our case, our attachment to sense-objects and our selfishness obstruct our love for God. Should we, then not rid ourselves of these things? Our attachment and love for these must be given up. We ought to surrender ourselves to God and the saints, and should feel the need of nothing else.
The same clay may be moulded by a potter into a pitcher, a doll, or an idol of Ganapati, as demanded by the customer, so does God manifest Himself according to the seeker’s concept. So our devotion should be pure, selfless. It is to this end that religious rites and practices are devised. Quite often, though, these are observed only in outward form, ignoring their spirit. For instance, take the man who, observing fast for ekadashi, instead of doing nama-smarana, spent the day scrubbing the sink and cleaning the courtyard and gutters! How will that purify his heart, as is sought to be done in prescribing the fast? So, in spiritualism obey the guru implicitly. Practise nama with complete faith and selfless heart, without harbouring doubts and misgivings. Once you realize the sweetness of nama the Lord will not let you go. We must have the conviction that there is no truth other than nama. The stronger the hold of the body-consciousness, the nama will have to be practised. There is no sadhana easier to practise than nama. The worldly-minded argue that the experience of the senses is instant and real, while that of the Lord is deferred and of inference, one of belief. I can understand their viewpoint, and am not surprised that they do not quit worldly life. What I am sorry to see is that they consider this “happiness” as ever-lasting. I ask you to believe only your own experience. When you realize that hankering after sense-pleasures does not yield happiness, then You will come to see the sweetness of nama.
You have no control over the body, nor over money, nor over the persons you call yours. So in your life, acquit yourself thoroughly of your duty, and go about with a worry-free heart.
* * * * *