Sri Brahmachaitanya Pravachan- Feb.22

God Resides in Action which is Free of Desire

There is dire need to search and scrutinize our heart. Whether an action is righteous or otherwise is determined by its motive. It is futile to perform righteous deeds if the object is mundane pleasure. Even if you exert yourself physically, or abandon your wife and family, you will not meet Rama unless your heart is dedicated to Him, unless you become restless for Him. God resides in desirelessness, so all your actions should be devoid of desire.
Really speaking, the task of a sadhaka involves far less toiling than that of a worldly-minded person. Even a half of the householder’s drudgery will bring bumper spiritual returns. The situation God chooses to place us in, is always favourable for recognizing Him. However, we act for worldly objectives, and at the same time complain that we have not been able to attain God; who can help in this anomalous situation? The puranas tell us that the demons performed penance to propitiate the Lord; so did Samartha Ramdas. The former did it to acquire worldly power and sensuous pleasures; they did get them, but lost the Lord. Samartha, on the other hand, wanted God for His own sake, so he got Him, which was his sole goal. Intense love creates intense yearning for God. We must feel that on attaining the Lord we shall have no other desire; then alone will the ego die. God’s hand is ever extended to meet us; it is we who are not eager to take it.
Righteous behaviour is far more important than money and intellectual brilliance. If good conduct is accompanied by faith in God and a mind that remains contented in any situation, one can be happy in worldly life. Happiness is not a thing to be obtained from an external source, it is right there in our own mind. Just as I belong to God, so do all others; therefore, loving God is loving the world.
If we come across a bitter almond in prasada, we eat it without demur; why, likewise, should we not cheerfully accept the sorrow that God, in His wisdom, may occasionally send to us?
We should remember God, laying aside the questioning attitude for the while. One who is convinced that nama is the only truth, does not need to be told anything more. Under whatever circumstances you take nama, it will prove to be your saviour.
* * * * *

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