Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Feb.25

February 25, 2009
A Parting Message

As a farewell message, I would exhort you to bear love for each other. The whole world can be brought under sway with the help of love. You may learn from me how to get oneself endeared to others. I am very fond of this art, for he is bound to be liked by God who endears himself to others. Only he who is unselfish will be dear to others. He who accepts the dispensation of the Lord will be liked by all. The Lord likes one who does for others what he would do for himself. Everyone should covet our company. For this, it is necessary neither to do only what people like, nor speak only to please them. To love others does not depend on any extraneous thing, and needs no money, as my own experience goes.
I have gone through the direst poverty, and yet I could keep uninterrupted consciousness of God; why then, should you find it difficult? If there is any rule that I have scrupulously observed, it is: do not hurt anybody’s heart.
I exhort you to do the same. Whomsoever I met I treated him as my own. All that I did, I treated this as a sport, and merely played the game and therefore remained untouched by pleasure or pain, success or failure.
I reincarnated myself to fulfill my unsatiated craving for chanting nama. I look on all of you as Rama. If there is anything you want to tell me, you may narrate it to God Maruti wherever you may be, and it will become known to me.
One who belongs to me will be automatically drawn to me, wherever he may be. I dislike dejection and despondency. Those who slandered me know not who I was in reality, but, what is more, those who applauded me know me even less.
Repeat nama with all your heart; this will awaken you to your own short-comings, and then you can try to eradicate them. To achieve concentration, remember always that God is watching you. Stop thinking ‘I want this’ and ‘I don’t want that.’ Believe firmly that Rama is the doer. Apply your good qualities to His service. Approach Him with humility and childlike simplicity and trust. Do not get disgusted with bodily pain and suffering. Take care, but be not anxious. Rid yourself of fear and of your ego.