Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March 4.

March 4, 2009
Behaviour within a Family

The unpredictability of our life is best borne out in wartime. In times of such unrest and stress, we should keep the mind unscared and steady. Keep doing your duty with a steady heart and without worrying. Worrying is a cankerous habit and needs but the flimsiest of causes. It gives rise to physical as well as mental trouble. One who can live without worrying about anything can be said to belong to God. Therefore, put firm trust in God and abandon all worry.
Every creature is born with the primary passions and emotions; the rich and the poor, and even the saints and avatars. The saints and avatars, of course, have in addition, noble qualities like love, pity, gentleness, tolerance, and forgiveness. The stars in a person’s horoscope relate only to the current life, but emotions and passions are a development of a series of births. What man has to do is to control these passions and emotions and augment the good qualities; prapancha is the training ground for this purpose.
In intra-family behaviour, everyone should behave as is appropriate to his relationship. A man who feels assured that his children will carry out what he says, out of their love for him, is an ideal father. The ideal son is eager for his father to express his desire and to carry out this desire. He should not spend his father’s money for improper purposes; if he does, the father should refuse to give him money. After all, a son makes an appraisal of the father, like a horse of the rider, and behaves accordingly. It befits a housewife to cook and serve food to the family; this is done and received with love. Marriage is a sacred bond, and prescribes great restrictions. A person who conducts himself naturally and in accordance with the moral code will age in a natural way and not suffer pain.
To resolve honestly to behave properly in the present, automatically wipes out the past. Every day is an opportunity offered by God for self-improvement. Not to repeat yesterday’s misbehaviour and resolutely to improve oneself henceforth; this is what constitutes an opportunity. The traditional bounds of behaviour should be observed with understanding or with faith.
Fill your heart to the brim with love for God, and also cultivate love and goodwill for all.
* * * * *