Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.7

March 7, 2009
Sacredness of Married Life

Marriage is a highly sacred social institution, aiming as it does at the spiritual uplift of two souls. The disciple concurs completely with the wishes of the sadguru; the same relation should exist between a husband and wife, for the latter surrenders herself to the former in all respects. Nevertheless, it is unrealistic to expect marriage to yield unalloyed happiness on the material plane; it is just not possible. Everyone feels that the world has been created only for his or her pleasure; this expectation evidently cannot be realized.
All human effort has in the ultimate analysis the aim of obtaining happiness; but although we understand wherein true, durable happiness lies, we turn a blind eye to it and look to individuals, things, and situations, for happiness. As a matter of fact, true happiness, which can come only by reunion with God can be obtained with only a fraction of the tremendous effort and perseverance which we lavish on worldly matters and their fleeting pleasures. The means we employ for seeking happiness which is only short-lived and imperfect, eventually cannot but entail misery in one form or another. Let us henceforth concentrate our attention and efforts on happiness which is durable and untainted.
Everything in this world is regulated by rules and limitations. To seek to transgress them is to upset their organization and orderliness. Thus, everyone in a family has a specific standing and duty. The home in which these are properly observed is a well-ordered house; such a home will, by and large, be a happy home for all. Suppose we build a house and provide doors, windows, and ventilating openings; now, if these small openings and windows protest against this ‘discrimination’ in their respective sizes, and decide that all of them will become no less than the size of the doors, the house will become an intolerable, unmanageable mess. Similarly, a home in which all claim equality and independence of opinion, and where age and seniority of relationship are disregarded, cannot remain an orderly unit. As the saying goes, a house divided against itself falls. So the general atmosphere of our home should be pure, peaceful, and marked by sacredness of love for each other and for God. This love should be part of selfless universal love, untainted with attachment or selfishness; to walk thus in love is to walk towards God.
* * * * *