Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.10

March 10, 2009
Leading a Happy Practical Life

A housewife who, carefully and lovingly, looks after her husband and family, and is contented at heart, may be considered to have done her duty and also her sadhana. Everybody in the home should feel happy, and keep uttering nama. This brings happiness, and there Rama resides. There is no better gain than working to keep each other contented and happy.
Whatever God gives should be treated as His, and we should neither claim it as ours, nor feel selfishly attached to it; this, indeed, is walking on the path to God. What distinguishes the devotee from the others, is to be in worldly life and yet feel the urge to utter Rama-nama. Think every now and then of the great saints; this will help purify the heart. Talk not harshly to anyone, particularly to your spouse; keep everybody contented; this is what the good and the devout would deeply appreciate. Everyone should live for the mutual happiness of everyone else in the family; this can be achieved if everyone holds Rama always at the heart; all the worry then becomes His.
Be cautious and vigilant in worldly life, but without becoming attached to or involved in it. It is a universal rule that one should not spend all the earnings but economise and lay something by against a time of need. Do not, however, become stingy, nor a mammon-worshiper. One who enshrines Rama in his heart will be happy in life; this is my assurance and blessing.
Prapancha always presents one cause or another for worry; that worry will, however, cease and give place to joy if one always holds Rama in his heart. Never give up proper effort; the good and the righteous always tell us that if you do your part, God will not fail to give you what is in your best interest, provided you always remember Him in your heart.
I advise you, in your own interest, do not get absorbed in the palpable, tangible world; remember always that our basic object is to attain Rama; indeed, we should live for Him and Him alone. Pay little heed to the world’s respect or disrespect, for both of them strike at the very root of peace and of achievement of God. Keep the mind calm, but discharge your duties as a practical person.

* * * * *