Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.15.

March 15, 2009
The Divine is Nothing but Yourself Minus Upadhi

An exposition of Brahman in words is not possible beyond a certain limit, just as a mere description of the sweetness of sugar cannot give a satisfactory, complete idea of it. However, we may comprehend the truth from a proper understanding of the “non-truth.” Similarly, one who correctly understands maya or illusion can be said to have comprehended Brahman or the Reality.
Maya, after all, is nothing but the shadow that obscures Reality and precludes a true view of it. The Reality is ever-existing, never changing or perishable; maya, on the other hand, is anything and everything that comes into existence and eventually perishes. So long as one remains steeped in maya or unreality, there is evidently no possibility of realising Brahman, which is the Truth. Under these circumstances, the impermanent, perishable, illusory maya tempts us away from God that is the unchangeable, imperishable Reality, the home and treasure of bliss. That philosophy alone is worth the name which emancipates us from the illusion, and takes us to the Reality. Since God, or Brahman, is alone true, lasting and blissful, whatever is done for its attainment is true. Realisation that we are basically a part and parcel of the infinite divinity, is true emancipation. This realisation will come only if and when a person strips himself of all upadhi.
Om, the sacred syllable, is the joining link between the Brahman, which is impalpable and the creation, which is palpable. In the spiritual quest, we gradually cast off tangible forms and intellectual concepts until we arrive at this link, Om, which is but another word for nama, since nama and Om are identical.
In the Bhagavadgeeta, Lord Krishna admonishes Arjuna: “If you really possess true knowledge you must calmly and courageously face the situation; if you don’t, do not pose as a wise man and indulge in glib talk of truth, morals and duties, do not put forward fallacious arguments and pleas, but listen to and be led by one who really knows.” In plain words, this amounts to saying, “Surrender yourself to and be led by the saints.”
Compared to the creation, man and his capacities are insignificant, and we are mere pawns in the hands of a Superior Power. So whatever pleasant or unpleasant things happen, should be contentedly accepted as the will of that Superior Power, that is, God.
* * * * *