Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.16

March 16, 2009
How to Reduce our Attachment for Prapancha

Our present situation is like that of a person who wants to eat his cake and have it too. We aspire to the contentment which God alone has and can give; while, at the same time, we do not want to give up our clinging attachment for prapancha. Our love for either, thus, lacks constancy, whereas genuine love is single-minded, unswerving.
True, abiding happiness can be found with God alone; but it is by no means necessary to give up prapancha; what we need to give up is only our attachment for and entanglement with it. This can be done if we realize the true nature and value of prapancha. We have our own experience to convince us that prapancha, however diligently we do it, cannot bring true happiness; and yet it is almost necessary, unavoidable, to do it. What then, is the degree to which it is necessary to us? No more than the walking stick which an old man or a disabled person carries with him when going out.
In order that our present bonds of attachment to prapancha should weaken and finally be severed, and that, correspondingly, love for God should steadily increase, we should abide by the rules laid down by the shastras, exercising control over our acts, thoughts, and speech. Their observance will gradually wean us away from worldly life. If we ascribe all ownership and doership to Rama, whatever ‘profit’ or ‘loss’ ensues will automatically go over to Him, and we shall stand unaffected in prapancha.
Upright, moral behaviour is the very foundation as well in the spiritual quest as in the conduct of worldly affairs. The dictates of the shastras aim at ensuring that one controls passions. Our thoughts should be pure, and untainted by selfishness, hatred, or jealousy. Never wish ill to others. Exercise rigid control over speech. Always speak gently, sweetly. We want to employ the tongue for uttering the sacred name of the Lord; how, then, can we defile that tongue by uttering anything that hurts the heart of another, that is hurting the Lord who resides therein? Let us withdraw our interest from mundane matters and apply it to God.
What I advise you is strictly the same that the saints have been advising for ages. If you believe in it firmly and act accordingly, I assure you that Rama will make you happy.
* * * * *