Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.18

March 18, 2009
Keep Incessant Awareness of God in Prapancha

What, in the ultimate analysis, is the aim of the lifelong struggle of any human being? Happiness, as everyone will agree. But can anyone come forward and honestly affirm that he has found permanent, unalloyed happiness? Everyone puts forward one cause or another for the deficiency in his happiness; it is want of enough money, or lack of good health, or loss of a dear one, and so on and so forth. There is always want of fulfilment of this desire or that, which deprives one of happiness. And the fun of it is that this ‘desire’ is endless. Running after ‘desire’ is elusive, like running after a mirage. Who has ever caught up with a mirage and quenched his thirst? So, too, whoever had all his wishes granted, and desired nothing thereafter, were it even the preservation of what he had? How at all can we expect perfect, imperishable happiness in a world which is itself perishable and ever-changing?
Let me show you a simple way to be happy even in such a world. Simply learn to believe that this prapancha is not yours but belongs to the Lord. Easy as this may seem in words, it is very difficult indeed to put into practice, unless you earn God’s grace; and the way to earn it is, completely surrendering to Him. His grace will come upon you in a torrent; only you should not obstruct it with ‘I-am-the-body’ feeling. With the exclusion of every other thought, feeling, or desire, deliver yourself completely to His will and dispensation. The Lord’s grace is ever-flowing, ever-shining; it is we that overcloud it with doubt. Say to Him, “O Lord, I am utterly yours, and yours alone. This prapancha which I call mine is yours. I am ignorant of the path of devotion. Do guide me; I shall implicitly follow you.” Pray to Him in all earnestness, and live happily, contentedly, in whatever circumstances He places you.
You come to me with much expense, inconvenience, and trouble; what pains me is that you go back empty-handed. I would rather like that you return with love for the Lord, which I freely give you and which you cannot obtain in the practical world.

* * * * *