sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.28

March 28, 2009
Remembrance of God, and Sense of Duty

While talking, everybody employs the terms ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Evidently, he has some duties in respect of both these. ‘Mine’ has a reference to the body and the things and persons related to it. The duty of the ‘I’ part is to realize God. The duties of the body comprise conduct with the persons with whom one comes in contact, with due regard to the requirements of religion, the shastras, and morality, according to the relation of the individual. ‘Duty’ means what it is proper to do, without expectation of any kind of return.
A man must pay equal regard to his duties in respect of both ‘I’ and ‘mine’. It will not do to say, “I will fulfil my duty towards ‘I’ without regard to the duty towards ‘mine”’. Suppose a man is in service. Evidently, he does not do it because the employer would not have found another person to do the job, but because this man wants the wherewithal to provide for himself and his family. Now suppose this man does not utilize his salary for their maintenance; of what use is his service so far as they are concerned? In other words; he is not doing his duty to them. Similarly, if a man devotes himself entirely to his inner self, neglecting his body and dependents, he is failing in that part of his duty. Therefore everyone should keep constant awareness of God and of his worldly duty, too. On the occasion of the birthday, one should introspect to find out what mistakes in this respect have occurred in the past and, avoiding them, steadily improve oneself. The enjoyment of a delectable dinner is heightened by the enchanting aroma of incense; we should similarly be sweet inside and outside; gentle in behaviour and speech, and filled within with the sweet divine name.
Just as a maestro moves apparently freely in a scale of notes, but is inwardly ever aware of the time measure, we should keep our attention riveted on God while attending to worldly matters. As it is God Himself who keeps the time measure, He never errs; and so, one who lives in unbroken remembrance of God will ever be right. The sun only sends his light, but this destroys darkness; similarly, nama creates love of God which, as its side effect, removes the devotee’s defects.

* * * * *