Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-March.30

March 30, 2009
God Resides where Harmony Reigns

Of the four ‘orders’ or stages of human life (ashramas), that of the householder or family man is the best. The institution of marriage aims at the preservation of social and personal morals and religious practices. God resides in the home where peace and harmony reign. A man is judged by his deeds, just as confectionery can be judged by its pleasant smell. Always behave so as not to harm anybody or his interest. Never be downhearted; courage will lead to success sooner or later. Exert yourself, try to make up the deficiencies in your family life. If illness comes, do not be frightened; spare no effort in arranging for proper treatment, but never yield to anxiety.
See that you keep your kith and kin happy and contented, but do not play into anybody’s hands. Bear in your heart love for all. Do not let anything make your mind dispirited. Contentment in the home decreases as individual selfishness grows. All in the family will be happy if everyone is considerate to others.
Husband and wife should love each other and live happily, contentedly, in the contemplation of Rama. Give no cause for worry or pain to each other. If anybody in the family errs or goes astray, punishment is necessary, but it should not be of a kind and degree that would debar repentance and correction; rather, everybody should treat the errant person in such a way that he would feel induced to improve himself.
Keep your conduct pure and above reproach; be faithful to your wife. Seek not another woman, even if doing so costs you your life. Do not fall into vice of any kind; always avoid low or undesirable company. Do nothing unworthy. A weak point or deficiency of the family should not be divulged to outsiders. Do not impair your prestige. Do not betray others, nor rejoice in their suffering, nor be overmuch worried over your own. Never mention an obligation you may have done to another person.
Take proper care of your children. Never be depressed in family life. Give your love to all. Selflessness is the source of true happiness. Children should obey the parents, keep good company, attend to their studies, and keep in nama-smarana. There is no truth higher or purer than nama; it will definitely lead you to realization of Rama.
* * * * *