Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-April 10

April 10, 2009
Remain ever Dedicated to Rama

Listen carefully to what I say. Dedicate yourself completely to Rama in your heart of hearts. Surrender yourself to Rama in all respects, taking Him to be your sole friend, sole relative. He is mercy personified. Say to Him, “O Rama, you are my sole refuge. You are the only doer in the world. There is none but you who distributes both the pleasant and the unpleasant. I suffer pleasure and pain on account of and according to my mental attitude.”
As long as the struggle for ‘me’ and ‘mine’ lasts, there can be no peace of mind. The only remedy as advised by saints is to approach Rama in utter surrender. They also show us the way to achieve this. Do not remain without effort; only, do not desire for a particular result or fruit. All action should be purely a matter of duty, never forgetting the Lord. In fact, first resign yourself to God, and strive only as an inspiration or direction by Him; be ceaselessly aware of His presence; and then your action will automatically stand dedicated to’ Him.
A mind at peace with itself is the hall-mark of a saint. Remember always that everything that happens is by the will of Rama; but you must exercise due caution in your worldly affairs. Be fearless in the knowledge that Rama is your protector.
Never look to faults in others; remember that the same fault may be lurking in you. The body, of course, depends on so many persons and circumstances; but your mind is free, if you keep it fixed on God. He is really in bondage whose mind is attached to a worldly thing. One who places himself passively in charge of Lord Rama will never feel loss. Remain unceasingly in the remembrance of the Lord’s name. In worldly life, observe the moral code. Women, children, everybody in fact, should adhere steadfastly to Rama.
The present times are really extraordinarily difficult. The mind, fickle by nature, is deluded or misguided too easily. One can never be too careful in this regard; for this, never let Rama be out of sight or out of mind. You don’t have to go in search of Him; He is right here, by your side. Indeed, one who always keeps Him in mind need not be afraid even of death. Constant prayer purifies the heart, and then alone we become fit to see the Lord.
* * * * *