Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.8

May 8, 2009
Maintain Constant Consciousness of God

An old, worn shoe needs repairs every now and again. Our body, in advanced age, similarly, suffers from one trouble and another. This is only natural. We should give it the treatment it needs, but should not worry. Indeed, the physical trouble and handicaps should be turned to good account by making us more aware of the presence of God. Illness and old age should be used to divert the mind from the body and the world and its activity, towards God and spiritual thought. If we can maintain awareness of God, we shall be able to enjoy happenings in His creation – even the perils and difficulties – as we enjoy watching the changing fortunes of a sporting event. One who knows swimming will not find fun in just tame, straightforward swimming; he will dive now and then, change his course, and so on, to create interest. Similarly, one who lives ever conscious of the presence of the Lord will enjoy even the devious course of events in His creation.
Once we recognize a thing and understand its nature it ceases to cause a feeling of dread. Similarly, passions and desires lose their dread once we recognize them and their nature. If we always remember that everything that happens is by God’s will, all that we have to do is to control our reactions and responses. Actually it is we ourselves, that is, our reactions and reluctances, that obstruct our progress on the path of spirituality. Since God is omnipresent, He is also where our responses spring from; consequently, remembering the Name of God gives a proper direction to the responses. We should always remember the Lord or the sadguru and pray to Him in all humility, “These temptations I cannot resist and overcome except by Your grace. My experience has convinced me that there can be no peace or happiness but with You, and yet my responses, untrained and uncurbed, obstruct me in my approach to You. This is sheer ignorance on my part. I realize that my ultimate goal is to know You, that is in the last analysis, my own true self. Be You gracious and grant me that my mind and heart reside at Your feet. I desire nothing but what You will; let Your name ever be on my tongue. I shall try my best, but do You help me.”

* * * * *