Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May-10

May 10, 2009
Dedicate Yourself Body and Soul to Rama

A mind dedicated to God is free from misery. A mind at peace with itself can really profit from devotional practice. Know that although the body grows old and incapacitated, desire continues to dominate as strongly as ever; so devote yourself to Rama. Rama resides with him who maintains in his heart a constant awareness of God, utters nama ceaselessly, does his duty in life, and scrupulously desists from hurting anybody’s feelings. One who hankers after Rama and constantly thinks of Him, truly endears himself to me. I honestly feel that living without nama is virtual death. To live in the conviction that everything happens by divine will is true worship; employing the tongue in uttering nama, serving God by bodily acts, and bearing Him always in the heart, is true worship.
Dedicate yourself to Rama staunchly, unconditionally; this will bring steadiness to the mind. Always bear Him in your heart, for He is the master, the controller of your life. He is not only omnipotent, but also omnipresent and omniscient, and watches every thought and action of yours. Never lose courage, for remember He is watching you, backing you. Everything is controlled by Him, you are only instrumental. Keep your mind fixed on Him as your pole star, just as a worldly-minded person treats earning of money as his goal.
Devotees of God should be careful to ensure that no deficiency ever creeps into their devotion. They may listen with deference to others, but should take care to see that their devotion suffers no setback. Believe firmly that it is Rama who gives and Rama who takes, that He is always about you, that He is your all in all. To obey the sadguru implicitly is serving God.
All the great sages and saints took care to see that not even for a moment they became unmindful of Rama. Not fasting and such physical penances, but steadfast faith gives true company of Rama. God is only pleased by selfless service to Him. The staunch belief that Rama is the sole doer can alone impart perfect contentment.
In spirituality the saints should be followed rather than parents, because true guidance can only come from those who have a mind that is steady, well-controlled, and absorbed in God. Books written by them give similar help.
* * * * *