Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.12

May 12, 2009
Maintain Mental Equilibrium

Humility is a quality that manifests itself mainly through physical action. While trying for self-betterment or advancement, due regard should be paid to the merit or worthiness of others. Hypocrisy resides primarily in the mind. It should be employed only for a good purpose such as covering one’s own nobility or greatness of heart. Ahimsa, or abstinence from mental or physical violence to others, is a quality that pertains to both the mind and body. It should be judged by the motive that prompts the action. Speech should be controlled so as not to hurt another’s heart, and in action one should avoid causing bodily injury. To allude to or lay bare another’s fault or shortcoming is meanness of mind. Hankering after popular esteem ruins a single life, but hypocrisy and violence ruin several lives. Hatred leads to violence, so we should never harbour a grudge or hatred in our heart. All passions are inimical to the attainment of God, but of them, enmity and hatred are the worst. Selfishness generates hatred; nama is the most potent antidote to selfishness.
The human tongue has a twofold function: speaking, and eating. We should employ the tongue to tell the truth and to talk gently, pleasantly, neither harshly, nor to teach others, nor to brag. Regarding the other function, namely, eating, the tongue should be used with great restraint. We should purify the heart, and attempt to practise the good qualities which the saints’ behaviour exhibits.
Where pride or vaingloriousness threatens to attack, it should immediately be countered by nama-smarana. An evil thought or tendency should be immediately opposed by remembrance of nama. The Cosmic Spirit was no less immanent in the demon Hiranyakashyapu than in any other creation, but it was hidden to himself owing to his swagger, like a field with an overgrown hedge. The Lord had therefore to manifest Himself in a very unlikely place, the wooden post which he kicked to spite Him. So we should hold pride severely in its limit. Be proud that you belong to Rama, so that you do nothing unbecoming. Prahlad did not say that he would like to see God, but he insisted that he would not give up the nama. We, too, should similarly adhere steadfastly to the nama.
* * * * *