Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May 15

May 15, 2009
Give Love to all, Hurt Nobody’s Heart

Whoever wants to save money should begin by never incurring a debt. After that, he should try to curtail his spending, and thus start saving. The same process works for love. Begin by ‘burying the hatchet’; next, ensure that you hurt nobody; you can never be too careful in this regard. A physical injury may be healed in course of time, and if we beg his pardon, the injured person may forgive us. But if we hurt the feelings, restoration is next to impossible. It is hurting God Himself, because in recounting His various manifestations in the Bhagavadgeeta, the Lord says, “Of the organs and faculties, I am the mind.”
The vow to tell “the truth and nothing but the truth” is highly laudable, but it must be tempered by discriminating thought. If a man says, “I will tell the absolute truth even disregarding the mother, the father, God, and the guru,” he may land himself and others into an impasse. If observance of this vow involves offences against venerable persons how can we justify such a vow? Should we tell the truth to a person who has come for the purpose of thieving? In short, everything needs circumspective consideration.
Suppose a man has four sons: one has a sweet tooth, the second likes sour things, the third relishes fried dishes, whereas the last likes sharp-tasting articles. Now if they start quarrels on the score of difference of taste, they can never come to terms, and the house will become an arena of conflict. They can only avoid the situation by overlooking and tolerating the difference in taste. Secondly, they should build up mutual love by the thought that they are sons of the same father, who deserves their allegiance and affectionate regard. If each one in the family decides to live together amicably, the home will enjoy peace and contentmnent. The house of a spiritual aspirant should overflow with love. A guest or visitor should be so charmed with it that when departing he should long to return to that atmosphere.
There is nothing to equal the misconception that I am the body, whereas I am really part of the Cosmic Soul. Although beset with difficulties of one kind and another, one does not think of renouncing worldly life: what greater, more poignant instance of the sway of maya do we need?
* * * * *