Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.17

May 17, 2009
Be Continuously Aware that You Belong to God

If we want a thing but do not get it, we fret. But if we consider God as the doer, there ceases to be a cause for worry. We say that there is God, but is that faith firm? A drowning man will clutch even at a stone if it comes to his hand, and sink with it. Our trust in God is thus shaky, only verbal; wherefore, otherwise, do we feel anxiety? With such shaky faith, we shall not get rid of anxiety, pleasure, and pain, even if God were present with us in tangible form.
God is omnipresent, all-pervading; therefore, as he is immanent in me, so is he in every other person. I should therefore not care what another person does to me. So live in the faith that you belong to God; He is your protector, and therefore there is no need to worry about anything. This belief you can achieve by nama-smarana. So resolve to do ceaseless nama-smarana from right now; approach God in all humility and pray for, Him to inspire and support you in this resolve. The mind may have to be coerced to some extent, to begin with, just as sometimes it is necessary to do when a child is first put to school.
We should make a rule to repeat the nama at certain specific timings, such as before taking food, at bedtime, on waking, etc. This will go a long way in life. You may continue to strive for amelioration in conditions of life, but telling yourself repeatedly that you badly need the Lord. It will keep you being hopeful of meeting God; the longing will steadily become keener, culminating in deep yearning. Suppose a man proposes to build a house; repeatedly reminding himself of it, he goes on saving money for this goal; if occasions arise to buy ornaments, he forgoes them, keeping himself ever awake to save money for the house of his dream. In a like manner, even by repeatedly saying “I want thee, O Lord,” a man will gradually disentangle himself from worldliness and limit his passions down to a reasonable extent. When a hankering for God is aroused, he will feel restless until he attains his object.
He who trusts in God can depend on achieving contentment, that is on the stabilization of his inclinations; then one comes to live in God; that is samadhi.
* * * * *