Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.21

Exert Yourself to Remember Nama

There is no sadhana so subtle and yet so gross as nama. One who wants to say anything most earnestly, says, “I tell you this from the bottom of my heart (or, literally ‘the navel’.)”. So nama, too, should be taken from the bottom of the heart, or the navel, because all desires spring from there. When it is made the seat of nama, it will gradually dislodge desire and totally extinguish it in the end. Nama should be practised not superficially, casually, but sincerely and insistently. Let us not worry as to how we shall respond to sensuous pleasures when all desire becomes extinct.
It is easy to realize God when we realize His omnipotence. He is a saint who has realized God. When we go to a town, we inquire about the local gentry and the Mayor. We can meet them because the residents can point them out. The Supreme Being, however, is without form, without attributes; how can we reach Him, meet Him? But then do we always take things which are not perceptible to be unreal? Our yearning for God is a yearning for the perfection that is God. This yearning can be quelled only by attaining to Him. Every being has this fundamental yearning; only, it is misdirected. Because it is directed to the satisfaction of sensuous pleasures which are only evanescent, it never really comes to fruition. Because birth itself is a result of desire, it is desire that we yearn to satisfy. To withdraw our yearning from there and direct it to God – it is in this that man’s peculiar competence lies. ‘What can I do to attain to God?’, this is the yearning that every human should entertain, else he has failed in his special mission and opportunity. All sadhanas aim at creating this longing; and where genuine longing is found, God extends His helping hand.
There is no sorrow, no pain in the world that can ever overshadow the bliss that is God. Everybody hankers after bliss, because it is His nature, His very essence. We should try to inculcate its sweetness in ourselves by study and practice. It may be asked ,’If I spring from God, what is the need for such study?’ The need arises because we have forgotten our noble origin. Because God is all love, let us strive to fill our heart with love.

* * * * *


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