Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.26

May 26, 2009
To Remember God is Righteous Thinking

Why is it that not everyone feels God’s existence although He pervades all creation? His existence is apparent only to those whose faith and feelings are mature, not to others. Such faith and feeling can be generated only by constant remembrance of God. I feel that one who repeatedly chants nama lays me under an obligation, because such a one uplifts himself and to that extent, all creation.
A question that haunts many so-called ‘rationalists’ is that if it is God who grants reason to man, then how can man be blamed when his reason leads him astray? The answer is that, while it is perfectly true that man’s reason comes from God, we must see what causes its proper and improper exercise. To give an example: light and darkness are both caused by the sun, the one by his presence, the other by his absence. Similarly, reason functions aright where there is remembrance of God, and goes amiss where God is forgotten. We thus see that although reasoning is a gift of God, it is upto man whether it works well or ill. Its working will not be tortuous if guided by His remembrance; therefore, man should always maintain His remembrance to avoid his reason going astray; this is achieved by nama-smarana. One should live in nama wholeheartedly. Better still it is to do one’s worldly duties and maintain awareness of God all the time. This day, every day, we owe to His grace, and we must therefore use it in His service, His remembrance. If we spend our days in this manner, every day will be happy, like the festival of Diwali.
This state of spiritual union with God is related to neither age, sex, wealth, nor any other circumstance. Constant awareness of God achieves what other sadhanas seek to achieve. This, indeed, is the distinguishing trait of kali yuga.
This constant awareness of God, means concentration of the mind on a single subject, to the exclusion of all other things. Such unbroken consciousness of God is punya, spiritual credit, or merit; it is the fulfilment of human life. Achieve it, and all noble qualities will follow. Pray to God in utter submission, “Lord, happen what may to the body, I implore you to see that I never, for a moment, miss awareness of You.”

* * * * *