Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan – May 30

Remember Only Rama, Forgetting all Else

The only way to make God our own is to do everything without assuming doership. Harbour neither hatred nor jealousy towards anyone, see our Rama in everyone. Avoid slander and rather, look critically at yourself, to foster good qualities and eradicate defects and evil tendencies. Behave so with others that people hanker after you. This can be achieved if you have a liking for none but Rama. Rama’s grace will lighten even great physical pain. Rely on Rama as your saviour, and keep your mind from being affected by anything. Never entertain pride, and be fearless at heart. Whatever pain or sorrow Rama chooses to inflict, accept cheerfully.
Leave the body to suffer its destiny; take care to see that you do not stray from your sadhana. To belong to Rama – let this be your unswerving goal. The body may suffer pain or pleasure under the sway of fate, but keep your mind fixed on Rama. Keep your knowledge concealed under the plea of ignorance. Look not for faults in others, but improve your own. Make it a rule not to harm anyone. Be devoted to Rama in your heart, and see God in all.
He who holds Rama as his master should neither whine nor cringe. Never beg for anything; keep your faith firmly in Rama. Remember we have to turn even unpleasant things and situations to our good. Forgetting the Lord makes us succumb to temptation; so concentrate on devotion and nama; listen not to other “knowledge.”
It is Rama who creates all circumstances; so see His hand in everything. Our thoughts will be on the right track if we remember that Rama is the doer of everything. Pay no more than casual attention to worldly gain or loss. Conduct yourself cheerfully in life, with unflinching faith in Rama. Strive for that, glorious moment when Rama alone occupies the mind to the exclusion of everything else. Give no quarter to any inclination or desire that does not pertain to Rama. Never forget that you belong to Rama, and in that thought always be contented. “Now that I truly belong to Rama, I feel perfectly blessed.” Stabilise this conviction, and you may be sure that Rama will be pleased.
Nama is powerful enough to take and secure you to Rama. To this moment I have been asserting that your true interest lies only in nama.
* * * * *

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