sri brahmachaithanya pravachan – june 2

June 2, 2009

Love the Lord without any Expectation

Nothing is lost by being uninformed about the world and its affairs. Indeed, it will be of great advantage in approaching God. Unless we give up this worldly knowledge, that is, realize its transitory nature and insignificance, we cannot have true regard for God.
When the son is to set out on a journey, the mother provides him with victuals; so, too, does God furnish an adequate fund of the sense of contentment when sending a soul out on its worldly journey; it is upto the soul, however, to avail itself of it. Where discontentment prevails, evil geniuses and evil tendencies can work rampantly. Contentment, on the other hand, provides a congenial atmosphere for good powers to assist us. If we stick to nama, adverse situations will leave us unaffected. The mind is intimately connected with the heart and the body; a contented mind will therefore substantially help in keeping good health and prolonging life.
In the process of freeing oneself from selfishness, a person may appear to be a misfit in the frame of pragmatism, for he will treat everyone with affection; but when he becomes truly and fully spiritualistic, he will be selfless while still appearing practical to the world. Spirituality is a logical, consistent science. It is absolutely unnecessary to abrogate worldly life; but because our thought and attention are easily enticed by sensate pleasures, they should be kept linked to God. A veritable passion for God should arise; for spirituality is nothing but intense, unexpecting love for Him.
Spiritual pursuit calls for patience and sanity. A certain man began seeing the figure of Rama all around. That led him to conclude that his quest had come to fruition, and that he had attained God. But this is far from the ultimate goal, which is, feeling His presence all the time everywhere. Impatience will not help in the spiritual journey; it will, in fact, create obstructions. Progress on the spiritual path should be steady and all-round, just as all the limbs grow proportionately with youth. It is foolish to try to gauge progress every now and then; how will a plant grow if we uproot it every day to see how much it has grown? The spiritual progress can be assessed from a man’s talk and the light in his eyes.

* * * * *